Time in Business

Don’t let your time in business stop you from getting financing. Most lenders prefer companies that have been in services for at least 2 years but we’ve helped numerous startups.

We believe all businesses should have the opportunity for success. Allow us to evaluate your standing and we can overcome these obstacles together.

Is Your Business in Good Standing?

This is checked by all banks and lenders to make sure your business is current with the state you’re operating in.

If your business is not current, no sweat! We have a team to help assist you and guide you in the right direction.

Current Identification

We would like to know who you are and who we are working with. Any current state or federal issued ID will be accepted.

Business Bank Statement

By evaluating your business bank statements, we can be creative in structuring a finance program that will be tailored to your business.

Our team can help assess and qualify you for a finance program that will be best for your business.